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Winnershow A'dam 2001      Youth Winner 2001  - Became a Dutch Champion  in  March 2003
MNCN Breeders clubshow 2003      Best Male CAC -   Bagera v.d.Hestokamp HD & ED Free
he became______
  WORLD WINNER 2003  in Dortmund Germany  World dogshow   Judge: Mr. Dondino (It.)


Champshow Breedersclub Best Mal;e & Best Female - Gina & Conan
 Darmstadt  Duitsland  Molossershow 2006 -Judges: dhr. C. Habig  Best  Male:  Conan Bizzaro v.Claristo's Pride & his sister:
                                                       & Mr. Stefan Sinko                      Best female: Gina Biella v.Claristo's Pride 
Amsterdam Winnershow 2005                                   Best Male:      BOB Conan Bizzaro v.Claristo's Pride
                                                                                    Best Female : Ravenna
Winnershow A'dam 2005    !st Excellent  Youth winner                                                  Multi Ch. Conan Bizzaro v.Claristo's Pride
He became a Dutch Champion in Oktober 2006
Winnershow A'dam 2006    1st Excellent  Best male - Best of Breed Winner 2006
Winnershow A'dam 2007    1st Excellent Best Male  - Best of Breed Winner 2007
Darmstad Duitsland 2006    Molossershow   BOB- Best male        
Worlddogshow Poland  Poznan  2006: res. CACIB-res.WW.1st excellent CAC-Polish Champion -Judge:  Mrs. Yolanda Vandoni (It.)
Worlddogshow Zweden  Stockholm 2008.  2nd Excellent res.CACIB res.WW 2008  -       Judge:  Mr. Rafael Santiago (Puerto Rico)
First prize Intermediate class CRUFTS SHOW 2006 Birmingham England    Judge: G.Slater
BEST MALE CRUFTS SHOW    2008   Birmingham England                        Judge: S.W.Cardigan


                                                    Champ.  Baggio Peruzzi v.d.Hestokamp
Winnershow A'dam 1998  1st Excellent  CAC-CACIB-BOB  winner 1998.  Judge.: Mr. C.Habig (Germany)
Luxembourg 1998 1st Excellent CACL. . Luxembourgs Champion
 ATIMANA  1998 Pilzen Czech   1st Excellent  - CAC-
Czech dogshow 1998  1st Excellent CAC-Best Male  
BOB Goes.  1999 6th in groep
BOB ZuidLaren 1999
BOB Eindhoven 1999
BOB Leiden 1999
BOB Leeuwarden 1999
He became a Dutch Champion in  May 1999

ATIMANA 1998 / Czech Molossershow 1998  
Openclass male.                  1st excellent CAC -
Best Male   BaggioPerruzzi  v.d.Hestokamp                                                                                             

Youthclass male                   1st Excellent          James v.d.Hestokamp  Youth winner Atimana
Youthclass male                   2nd Excellent         Bizzaro v.d.Hestokamp

Youthclass female               1st Excellent           Angela Sara v.d.Hestokamp Youth winster Atimana
Intermediate class female    1st Excellent           Roseanne v.d.Hestokamp res.CAC


 A'dam Winnershow  1997   -  Youth winner1997         Judge: Mrs. Ilona Onstenk-Schenk (NL)
                                                                        Champion Remy v.d.Hestokamp
Amsterdam winnershow 2004   1st Excellent CAC-CACIB-BOB  Winner 2004
Amsterdam Winnershow 2005  1st Excellent CAC-CACIB-BOB Winner 2005
MNCN Breeders Champshow   Annual Prize winner - 2004  - 2005
MNCN Breeders  Champshow,  1st Excellent CAC, Best of Breed -Clubwinner 2005


                                                                          Vito Corleone v.Numado      (our first puppy male)
Winnershow Amsterdam -1994 Best youth dog 1994
World dogshow Budapest  1996   5th Excellent openclass                        Judge: Mrs. Yolanda Vandoni (It.)


                                                                          Champion James v.d.Hestokamp

Winnershow Amsterdam 2001   1st Excellent CAC-CACIB-BOB  Winner 2001                   Judge: Mr. B.Bosch (NL)
CRUFTS SHOW 2002 Openclass  1st place BEST of Breed  Winner 2002                           Judge: Mr. Douglas Olaf  (GB)

                                  1st Excellent          James v.d.Hestokamp  Youth winner Atimana 1998


MNCN Breeders clubshow 2007
Best Female: Gina Biella v.Claristo's Pride 1st Excellent CAC-BOS                     Judge: Mr. Stefan Sinko  ( Slovenia)

Best Female: 1st excellent CAC -BOB Clubwinster Gina Biella van Claristo'sPride                                                                                                  
                                                                                                      Best Male  1st Excellent CAC -BOS Conan Bizzaro v.Claristo'sPride


           Molossershow Germany  Champion Seamus  v.d. Hestokamp.  1e Excellent CAC- BOB,     Judge:   from France
           Dutch Youth Champion

                                                          Lady Jane v.d.Hestokamp - Best female Crufts  2001

Champion Nancy v.d.Hestokamp 1e place Openclass Darlington 2000 (Kwalification for Crufts)
                                                     CW. MNCN 2003

Ch. Remy v.d.Hestokamp 2nd place Crufts 2004 -Winner Amsterdam 2003-2004