About us

In 1991 we bought our first Neapoletan Mastiff, a female , we called her Nell . 1 year later we bought a second one named Dior v.Lunettenstein.

Not long after we bought our first male Neo, a Multi Champion named O'Maley, he was blond and was bred in Belgium and at the first show we took him to he won.

 That was the Winnershow in Amsterdam 1993 there were 104 entries,and he came BOB and 3rd in the group . Between him and Dior we bred our first litter of Neo's,

 they were born on Christmas day 1993 and out of that litter ( 12 pups) we kept the three females, all three did very well at the shows.



 Shortly after we bought our first puppies a male named Vito Corleone v.Numado and a female ,his sister Angela v.Numado,

Vito was the father, grandfather and great grandfather to nearly all of our champion neo's.

Angela became a Dutch and International Champion who als gave us a few Champions.

Two years later we mated with one of our first females named Tina with an Italian dog named Bizzarro del Nolano,


This was our second litter, out of this one came our first Champions James and Bizzarro,


who both  are very well known in Holland as well as abroad, from then on we have achieved a great number of successes with our Neo's ,

altogether until now 17 dutch Champions , 1 World Champion in 2003, 1 res. World Champion in 2006 in Poland and again in 2008 in Zweden and at nearly every

Winner show Amsterdam we had either a Winner or 2 (and) a youthwinner once we had 3 out of 4 wins at one show , that was in 2001. in 2004 we went  to the UK Kennenclub  to take exams 

to become a Judge for alle breeds , after 3 weeks we recieved the results and we had both passed the test and recieved a certificat  showing that we were from that moment official judges in the UK  for all breeds,

In 2002 our James was the Best of Breed at the Crufts show in Birmingham England. In 2006 we had both the Winner and Winster . Winner in 2007 ,

and in 2008 we had the best male at the Crufts show in Birmingham, England .also in 2008 a young male from our kennel

achieved the Youthwinner titel and the Winner.We are very particular about breeding Neapolitans dogs, we select the dogs on charachter and exterior, and also they must be healthy before we breed with a couple

 if possible we have no more than two litters a year out of strictly selected parents.





We have also bred a young male  name Bizzaro v.d.Hestokamp, he was a winner the day he was born, his first show as a baby he was the best baby and third in the group

 ,then best puppy at the next show, from then on he became a winner at nearly  every show he went to, the Winner Amsterdam 2008 he was the youth winner and the BOB,

the next winner show 2009 again a winner , and also in 2010 + a res. World champion in Zweden at the World dog show

Please be free to call us at any time for more information about our Neo's or for a visit, phone us first at the number  beside or mail us.  tel: 0031(0) 227 663 518


info@hestokamp.nl or info@claristo.nl